Design Thinking Agency in London

We now have an office in UK ! So we can spread our high-spirited way of running Design Thinking Workshops and Trainings with you guys, in the city and Greater London.

Our mantras : A prototype is worth more than 1000 meetings (David Kelley) and Get out of the building (Steve Blank)


Klap was co-designed in 2015 by Mélissa Aldana the entrepreneure (with an “e”, yes, because Melissa is proud to be a female entrepreneur) and Vincent Dromer the designer.

Since then, it’s been a collective of 10 happy people with different backgrounds, from lean start-up, innovation, marketing, gamification, agile, and co-development, who have been happily and passionately spreading and sharing both DesignThinking tools and mindset.

3 things that we do, and that we do well

Design thinking trainings

We love to spread the virus of Design Thinking (a healthy one, for once) and enable people and organisation to be autonomous to run their own fun design thinking workshops themselves as fast as possible. We have a 2-day initiation workshop and customized programs which allow you to scale, thanks to codevelopment, pairing and tight-knit communities.

Schools and Universities

We help the next generation to develop an entrepreneurship mindset and soft skills (critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication) so they are ready for the future of work, thanks to our academic programs, all geared towards action with real use cases.

Consulting services

We co-create workshops and programs to leverage design thinking in companies, helping to redesign processes, products, services, strategies, etc and tackle wicked problems, against which collaboration is more effective than technology.

Our French secret sauce, that makes us so… French.

Well thanks to our fiery team of passionate and energetic facilitators we have been improving the way we share our humble knowledge about design thinking workshop after workshop (600 in 4 years) and training after training (2500 people trained). Our purpose is to help people dare to collaborate differently.

Do you want to share about your difficulties and challenges you meet in your organizations? Please, let’s have a talk !

Matthieu Sabourin


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